Tsitsi M.

Admissions Tour Guide and Student Ambassador at Earlham College


Class of 2022

Hometown: Manicaland, Zimbabwe

Major: Global Management

Concentration: Marketing

Secondary Major: Psychology

My EPIC Journey...

I am still to do one. But I plan on getting an internship for the summer in Events Management and hospitality.

My favorite class/professor is...

My favourite professor is Maggie Thomas. She is one of the professors in the psychology department and she is absolutely amazing. She is one of the sweetest professors on campus. Down to earth, always ready to listen, and I love her teaching style.

I chose Earlham because...

I wanted a place in which I could excel in my academics and my sports and Earlham really gave me that perfect balance that I was looking for. I didn't have to choose one or the either but I managed to get something offering me the best of both worlds. I chose Earlham because it's a place I felt I could excel in the multifaceted areas of my life.

I'm passionate about...

I love talking dancing (just for fun) youtube channel Poetry and Writing Listening to Music I am a major foodie. I love cooking and trying new foods. Event Planning Photography

I'm involved with...

Alumni and Annual Giving Student Ambassador Campus Store Clerk Admissions Student Representative Phonathon Student Caller Gumboot Dance Table-Tennis New Student Orientation Leader Earlham Student Government Ealham Dance Alloy Women's Track and Field
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