Salma K.

Student Ambassador at Earlham College


Class of 2021

Hometown: Bethlehem, Palestine, State of

Major: International Relations & Affairs

Minor: Mathematics

My favorite class/professor is...

I love most of the classes, and I can go forever about how amazing my classes and professors are. I won't name my favorite professors or classes, but I'm happy to talk more about this in one-on-one settings.

My EPIC Journey...

I have two EPIC advantages because I am an Honors student. I was planning on using one of them this summer to do an internship back home in Lebanon. However, due to the outbreak of the current global pandemic, I won't be able to use my EPIC advantage. Yet, so far, I've had an enjoyable experience with the EPIC centers. Many of you might be wondering what EPIC is, or you might have looked it up, and you're still confused, I would be more than happy to help you understand what it is.

I chose Earlham because...

As an international student, I was looking for diverse and inclusive colleges, and Earlham is a great example. Among the six colleges I got accepted to in the US, Earlham provided me with the most significant financial aid package. Two weeks before my flight to the US, I learned that I was also chosen to participate in Earlham's newly constructed Honors program. Also, I had contacts from my home country who also went to Earlham, and they loved their experience, which encouraged me to choose Earlham.

I'm passionate about...

Reading Writing Advocacy Politics Piano Chess Research Volunteering Teaching English as Second Language Poetry

I'm involved with...

Model United Nations Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine (SPJP) Earlham Film Project Earlham TEDx Club Earlham Japanese Cultural Club Math Club Global Females in STEM Student Faculty Affairs Committee Head Staff for New Student Orientation Up to Us Campaign
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